What We Do


We help design and execute on short-term and long-term DEI plans, keeping in mind your company's overall business goals and building directly off quantitative + qualitative insights culled from your team members' workplace experiences. 

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Data (and knowledge) is power, which is why we start off every engagement with an assessment component. Whether it's conducting a team-wide DEI survey, analyzing your own engagement survey results and digging deeper through focus groups and stakeholder interviews, or running wage or process audits, our strategists make sure to fully understand your company's unique DEI challenges before presenting solutions.



"Success happens in a silo," said no one ever. In order to have the greatest impact, we've found that DEI initiatives must tie back to every aspect of your business and organizational goals. We take a multi-faceted approach to diversity & inclusion, creating actionable plans that consider both the interpersonal/behavioral and the systemic. Each plan serves as a roadmap, outlining key objectives, action items, and measurable KPI's with a focus on sustainable impact.



We surveyed heads of HR and People managers far and wide and found that one of the biggest challenges with launching a DEI program was finding the right people to help execute. Enter, the Collective.

Utilizing our Collective network, your dedicated strategist will help build out a team of facilitators, coaches, and/or consultants to bring your DEI plan to life, always keeping in mind the most impactful approach for your team. 


Track & Innovate

What good is a plan if you don't know if it's working? Along with tracking KPI's like achievement of hiring goals, rates of promotion, and retention, we conduct bi-annual team surveys to understand what's working and what's not. 

Utilizing this feedback, we work with you to tweak your plan as needed, alway optimizing your impact and providing ongoing strategic guidance where needed.

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