diversity & inclusion consulting.

Because your employees are more
than just a data point.


We bring strategy, creativity, and compassion to the table. Always.


DEI Collective is a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultancy and community of 100+ DEI practitioners working collaboratively to help our clients build more diverse, inclusive companies.




From assessments to strategy to execution, DEI Collective meets orgs where they're at to create meaningful change.

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Why Diversity Matters

"Diversity" is more than just a buzzword. There's no denying that in an increasingly globalized market, companies that embrace the power of diversity, rise to the top.

Focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion is not only the right thing to do, but drives greater innovation, retention, and business success.

Don't believe us? Check these stats.

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We are at our
best as a collective.

We searched coast to coast find the most seasoned DEI professionals who are shaking up the industry, looking for innovative solutions to this generation's most pressing workplace culture challenges along the way. Every Collective member has been thoroughly vetted and aligns with our three values: collaboration, compassion, and creativity.

Our Collective members are coaches, facilitators, and consultants, who bring deep subject matter expertise to the table to help bring your strategic plan to life.


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