Who We Are


DEI Collective was built on the premise that no one D&I consultant can know it all. (Beware of one that tells you they do.) We are a core team of seasoned strategists who partner with an extended network of D&I coaches, facilitators, and consultants to collaboratively solve workplace DEI challenges.

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Meet the Founder

Kellie Wagner, Founder & CEO

Kellie Wagner is a tech industry veteran, having worked at for-profits and non-profits alike, including Meetup and DoSomething.org. After gaining over a decade of experience in operations, strategy, and client services at companies where she was often one of the only woman of color in the room, she decided to marry her diverse skillset with her passion for D&I, launching DEI Collective in 2017. Kellie is a graduate of NYU's Managing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace program, holds an MFA in Non-Fiction Writing from The New School, and serves on the Advisory Board for Experience Camps.


The Team

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Solonje Burnett-Loucas


Juliette Austin



Marin Cohn



Audrey Law


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The Collective


We love collaboration and think that 100 minds are greater than one. Our Collective members bring a wide range of expertise and approaches to the table, amplifying our ability to solve each and every DEI challenge.  Bonus: We personally vet each member, talking to past clients and observing them in action to make sure they are 100% DEI approved.

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Gender Equity

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Motherhood in the Workplace

Race & Ethnicity



Our Collective Members have consulted for startups to scale-ups and beyond.

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