Inclusive Recruiting


Transform your recruiting process in just 6 months to
minimize bias and attract the best, most diverse talent.


Learn to Recruit for Today’s Workforce

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are at the forefront of the recruiting landscape today, and with good reason. FACT: 67% of job seekers see team diversity as a major factor when considering their next position.* And since diverse companies are 70% more likely to solidify new business,** safe to say your leadership should be thinking about it, too.

Want to attract more diverse talent, but not sure how? Whether it’s a pipeline issue or training up hiring managers to interview inclusively, we tackle it in Collective’s first 6 month hands-on group consulting bootcamp. Not only will we provide a collaborative space to think intentionally about building effective, inclusive recruitment cycles that attract diverse talent — we’ll also make sure you have the tools to make it happen in real time, and the support to do it well.

*Glassdoor; **Harvard Business Review


Grow the skills to make it happen.

Build a framework of skills and competencies that will benefit your entire team, merging actionable research on DEI hiring practices with the concrete tools and awareness to create an equitable culture on the ground.


Implement toolkits on the job.

None of those lofty best practices — you’ll walk away from each session with actionable resources, ready to iterate on each step of the hiring process from partnership strategy to interview protocol in real time.


Find community and mentorship.

It’s hard to do this work alone!  Join a cohort of other change-making recruiting professionals working towards similar goals, hear from expert industry speakers, and troubleshoot with a mentor from start to finish.

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Speakers & Mentors


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What’s Included

  • Monthly 1/2 day group “grind” sessions

  • Templates & process toolkits for instant implementation

  • Online modules for supplemental learning

  • 1x1 mentorship for on-demand program support

  • Access to Collective’s network of experts

  • A community of other recruiters to problem-solve with

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What You’ll Learn


Building Diverse Goals to Develop a DEI Framework + Strategy


  • Assess current DEI team make-up.
  • Define value of DEI practices at the team level.
  • Discuss the role of KPI’s in building diverse teams.
  • Generate DEI hiring goals by team.

Employer Branding and Value Proposition


  • Define employee value proposition narrative.
  • Refine KPI’s to align with employee value proposition narrative.
  • Evaluate job description, compensation, and contract according to DEI goals.

Creating Strategic Partnerships and Talent Channels


  • Define effective channel strategy components, characteristics and impacts.
  • Develop clearly outlined outreach strategy based on DEI goals.
  • Define targeted list of partnerships and ideal talent channels.

Audit and Refine Application and Assessment Processes


  • Refine online application by assessing according to DEI hiring practices.
  • Generate DEI competency criteria to refine job description, especially around mission and values alignment.
  • Refine systems around the pre-interview process for efficiency and bias control.

Finalize Decision Making Process around DEI Competencies (Get Top Candidates through the Offer Stage)


  • Audit interview questions according to DEI principles.
  • Build interview team systems and protocols to promote DEI goals.
  • Align recruitment team around streamlined and inclusive applicant talent assessment process.